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Native Mobile App VS Hybrid: Which one to choose for your startup?

Native Mobile App development VS Hybrid: Which one to choose for your startup?
Mobile app development

Native Mobile App development VS Hybrid: Which one to choose for your startup?

Most entrepreneurs are struggling to find the right platform to build a mobile app for their businesses or startups. Based on our experience, We will talk about the pros and cons of Native and Hybrid application development. I am Masoud CEO at Neunac and a senior Android developer in Canada. Our team created multiple mobile applications and we contributed to more than 4 startups.

What is a Native Mobile Application 
Native mobile applications are created by native programming languages.  

  • For a native Android App, we use Android programming which is based on JAVA and Kotlin. Android programming is supported by Google. 
  • For a native IOS App, we use IOS programming which is based on Objective-C and Swift. IOS programming is supported by Apple

What is a Hybrid Mobile Application 

Hybrid mobile apps are written by a Cross-platform programing language like Xamarin or React Native. They can be downloaded from Google or Apple app stores like a native app. They can get access to all the native platform features. They can have performance close to a native app. 

Let’s talk about the main differences 

  • Hybrid Mobile apps are built using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript whereas Native Mobile apps built with specific technology and language for a specific platform like Java or Kotlin for Android and Objective-C or Swift for iOS. 
  • A Hybrid mobile app runs in WebView (A view that displays web pages, uses the same engine of browser but no browser like widgets) 
  • A Hybrid mobile app needs a native plugin to access the native features of the platform like camera, mic features. 
  • A hybrid mobile app can be built for any mobile platform from a single code base.