Pros and Cons of working from home during and after covid-19
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Pros and Cons of working from home during and after covid-19

One thing I have to say this Covid-19 has changed many companies mentality on working from home as in this time it’s more risky to have workers work from the office.


  • your more productive
  • you can spend more time with your children as you can keep them home.
  • for companies they can downsize their work spaces as they don’t have to have as many desk. so less space needed easier to downsize and pay less rent.
  • employees can save money on travel and food if they dont bring a lunch.
  • more money available for team building activities and other other expenses.
  • less time traveling.
  • more work for IT professionals
  • more time to spend with family due to less travel time.
  • you can make upgrades to your infrastructure that you always wanted to as your company has more money.
  • more time to make elaborate dinners for you family
  • less travel less expense equals more money to spend on family.
  • less office drama
  • you can blast you music at home while you work unless you take phone calls or video conferences.


  • Less human contact for those of you who are social. depending on what you consider human contact, for me a screen with multiple people on it then you can move to what they call a break out room as they call it and have a private conversation.
  • Less exercise unless you make time to go for a walk or have a gym at home or go to the gym in the evening.
    Can be cumbersome to plan a outing after work with your colleagues unless you plan ahead to meet on work premises then walk from there if your downtown.
  • A lot harder to plan spontaneous lunches with colleagues.

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