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Mobile Application Development Services
At Allunac we specialize in mobile app development. Android and iPhone are the most widely-used devices, therefore there is a big opportunity for business owners to tap into this growing demand. Our skilled development team understands the unique requirements of our clients and rapidly deploys customized solutions for each client.

This breadth of experience allows us to guide you on the best technology solution for the problem you are trying to solve.

Contact us now to discuss our app development service and the possibilities for your business or startup.

  • Android App Development
  • IOS App Development
  • Cross Platform Apps
  • Hybrid Apps
  • iBeacon Apps
  • Web Apps
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Product Design

When it comes to branding it's extremely important to know your audience. Allunac has the best Product Design team and Marketing experts to ensure your product shines and stands out from the rest. Your mobile UI and logo need to pop, so that your customers remember your brand and your business. Our Mobile Product Strategy team drives your product through the entire design process. Our user experience team's goal is to make every app intuitive and easy to use while we’re watching for innovative new technologies that can make the experience more seamless.

Mobile UI Design

Now it’s time for creativity. An app’s user interface (UI) is what users interact with. We are all about the details, paying close attention to transitions, and based on your customers' preferences and business analysis, we turn the ideas into a smooth user interface.

Mobile UX Design

Using industry-leading UX design tools and user testing processes.
Get the wireframes and prototypes for your mobile app and bring them in front of your potential customers. We develop user experiences that are driven by business-goals and achieve ROIs.

Mobile Strategy

The key to building the right mobile app, iPhone and Android versions is asking the right questions. Every new app development project begins with strategy and planning. Our research methods of the market and competitors lead us to develop a water-tight unique selling proposition (USP) and thoroughly research our target users.
Our approach will help you decide how you want your app to function, how your app could be used, and what matters most to your users.
We also advise on the best way to create, organize and prioritize your app's features. Every strategic decision delivers those business goals, maximizing the app’s opportunity for success while minimizing cost and risk.
  • Strategic product definition
  • Innovation Labs
  • Design Management
  • User-centered research
  • Data opportunity strategy
  • Feature prioritization
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