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IT solutions
Managed IT Services
Allunac Managed IT Services offers you a customizable solution to help you run an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure. Our plans cover all your basic business technical needs and include support and monitoring. Our managed service plans are backed by our technical staff, based in Canada.
Our experiences enable us to identify opportunities for improvement and increase the value of our service offering to the benefit of our clients.


- Deployment

- Maintenance

- Ensuring application availability


- System administration
- Performance monitoring

Service Desk

We also offer Service Desk as a stand-alone professional service, to those businesses that have a IT department and they need backup so they can focus on the infrastructure.

Back up Solutions

Our backup solution offer you redundancy to keep you running in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster Recovery solutions are designed to keep you running 24/7. the way we look at it is you lose time and money, we lose time and money.
Service Desk